As a Certified Relaxation Therapist, I felt inspired to open a local shop in July 2016. To provide like minded individuals with meditation and mindfulness/healing tools. But more importantly, a place "To Be", to feel free to ask questions, learn, grow & develop through conversation, mindfulness workshops, development circles and guided meditations.

In our busy lives, it's important to make time for ourselves, to relax. I am Certified Relaxation Therapist, Natural Health Consultant, Reiki Practitioner, DoTerra Essential Oils Wellness Consultant and I feel confident helping you find the tools that work best for you. Here at Serene Rock Garden, you will find meditation pillows, drums, singing bowls, smudging items, books, rock/crystals, essential oils & diffusers, divination tools, reiki infused products, candles, Himalayan salt products and so much more...

We are a Spa for the Mind.

231 King Street,

Midland Ont. L4R 3M1

(705) 543 - 0864


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